Migwars !! Open To Level 1!!

Posted: Maret 29, 2010 in Mig33 News
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We have received many messages
from our community from people
wanting to play MigWars and I ’m
happy to inform you all that starting
tomorrow, anyone will be able to
play MigWars. We ’ve made some
changes to the game, improved
some of the game mechanics and
fixed some bugs. We will continue
to improve the game so please keep
the feedback coming.
The goal of MigWars is to become
the most feared and respected Mafia Boss. To do this you must
work your way up through the ranks by completing missions,
fighting, defending and growing your gang. Always wanted to be
the Big Boss …Now is your chance. Feeling threatened by a rival
gang member, then order a hit on that person – it will cost you,
but you won’t be threatened as you try and complete missions
and you may just win the MigWars lottery.

Sumber : http://blog.migg.com

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